Welcome to Ben Astronomy Tools

This website includes software of the Ben Astronomy Tools (BAT) project which includes several programs and drivers for Windows and Linux.

BAT Focuser (ascom driver) and BAT Focuser SA (non-ascom) facilitates the very important focusing for hobby astronomers by controling an Arduino-based motorized focuser.

With BAT you can also record temperature and humitity data by interval (BAT TempHum) and brightness with BAT Light.

You only need an Arduino (e.g. UNO) plus motor shield (e.g. EasyDriver, for older versions of software Adafruit) for motorized focusing.

If you want to detect temperature and humidity, you also need a sensor (e.g. DHT22). For detection of limiting magnitude or light curves of eclipses, you need an additional light-frequency-converter (e.g. TSL235R).

For more information about the connection of those additional features to the Arduino see construction manual (see "Download").


All software available at this website is Donationware. The download and usage is completly free but if you guess I have made a good job you can make a donation to support the development of this and other tools.